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Sunday night Cumberland County officers had an extended family involved in a traffic stop.

A deputy was patrolling the area of HWY 127 when they noticed a vehicle in the opposite direction traveling 68 mph in a 55pmh posted speed zone and failing to dim their headlights. When the officer turned his patrol car around to perform a traffic stop, the vehicle was turning into a driveway.

The driver stepped out of the vehicle to tell the officer to turn his blue lights off due to her husband, in the passenger seat having seizures. After the officer turned his blue lights off he identified the female as Angel Newport and began to tell her why he had pulled her over.

While speaking with Angel, her mother, Shellie stepped out of the residence and wanted to know what was going on. When the officer told her that he had pulled her daughter over for speeding and “bright lightening” him, Shellie stated she didn’t believe that Angel was speeding. The officer responded that she should go back inside and not interfere with his traffic stop. According to the police report, the two women began to argue with the officer. They began raising their voices and becoming aggressive stating the officer was on their property. Angel claimed the officer was being rude to her mother. The officer then told Angel to walk to the front of the patrol car, due to her being in a hostile state.

The officer then attempted to detain Angel in an attempt to distance her from the vehicle as well as her mother to de-escalate the situation. However, while trying to do so, she pulled away and backed against the vehicle driver’s side, with her back against the vehicle. After pulling away, the officer grabbed Angel’s wrist and began to pull her off the vehicle. At this point, the male in the front seat of the car, 25-year-old Larry Day (Angel’s husband) became irate and another deputy had to stop him from charging at the other officer. The officer noted while he was trying to sit Angel on the ground by her arm, he was keeping an eye on the other deputy, trying to stop Larry Day.  As the other deputy was trying to gain control, another male exited from the vehicle and began screaming “get off my brother”. This individual identified as 27-year-old Matthew Day appeared to of grabbed the other deputy in an aggressive manner, by pulling his shoulder back. He then re-entered the back of the car.

The officer stepped around Angel, who was on the ground and uncuffed, and grabbed Matthew by his arms as he attempted to pull away from his grip, while inside the vehicle. The officer eventually pulled Matthew out of the car, and took him to the ground, attempting to apprehend him. Then, his girlfriend approached the officer. Amber Newport continued to walk toward the officer after he gave her commands to get back. The officer stated he pushed her stomach with his hand and she fell to the ground.  She then stood up and went to the front of the vehicle.

When the officer went to put handcuffs on Matthew, Larry broke free from the other deputy and attempted to tackle the officer off Matthew. The officer took his hands off Matthew to grab Larry to take him to the ground. Larry was actively resisting until the officer was finally able to gain control.

County units, Crossville PD, and THP showed up on the scene for backup to assist.

Once the scene was controlled, Matthew and Larry Day were both taken to intake where they were both charged with Assault on an Officer and Resisting Arrest.

Angel was issued a citation for speeding.

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