On Friday, June 14th, the Kentucky State Police used special equipment and teams of cadaver dogs and working with the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office conducted a search for Miya Rudd Tucker at a farm in Reynolds Station near the home of Miya’s family.
Kentucky State Police confirmed they located the remains of 8-month-old Miya Rudd at about 1:15 pm Friday afternoon inside the family home in Ohio County, Kentucky.
Police said the decomposed body was found inside the family’s home hidden in a “concealed manner.”

KSP trooper Corey King says he knew could be coming.  “As you can imagine inside of the house, by looking and gauging the outside, it was equally as cluttered as the outside,” said King. “So, underneath a lot of debris is where we unfortunately located the baby’s body.”

However, this wasn’t the first time investigators had been inside. With the drugs and debris, it had to be sterilized before they could do this final, sweeping search.

“Inside the house, it was a dangerous condition for us as well as the K9′s to be in, just based on the amount of residue as well as drugs inside the house,” King said.

For Trooper King and his detectives, this is only the beginning. Next comes the autopsy, and once they know how and when Miya Rudd died, then can charges be tacked on and pursued for those arrested in connection with the case.

“We’re feeling confident that we can now at least know the condition of this baby, and whether it went from a search to a recovery now, that really changes the mindset in how we do business and what we do best at, and that is investigating, getting the answers we need; and then prosecuting,” said King.

After Miya was found, we spoke to a woman who lives next door to the home. She says it was sickening to learn all the details about her neighbors.

“That’s low down that you could sleep in a house that your baby is underneath rubble dead I don’t see how anybody can do that its horrible,” said neighbor, Debbie Welch.

So far, a total of eight people have been arrested, including Miya’s parents and four of her grandparents.  Many of those arrests are for drugs and warrants. The charges for Miya’s parents, Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd, and her grandfather, Ricky Smith, include child abuse and abandonment of a minor.
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