On Wednesday, May 15th, Crossville Police were called to Walmart by a woman who stated that she had gone through the self-checkout inside and when she paid for her items, she clicked on the screen to get $100 back after making her payment with her debit card.

She stated that she had gotten sidetracked dealing with her granddaughter and she forgot to take the money from the checkout machine. She stated that she went out to her car and after putting her groceries up, realized that she had forgotten the money.  When she went back inside to get it, it was gone.

Police were able to review video footage of a woman using the self-checkout and her story matched the video. After the woman walked away, another female (unknown name or date of birth) walked up to the same register that Ms. Vance was just using. The female can be seen scanning her items, when she gets done, she presses the “No Cashback” option on the screen, pulls her card out and steps back and looks down at the flashing green light on the machine where the cash dispenser is. The female can be seen grabbing the cash from the dispenser and counting it. It was five twenty dollar bills adding up to a total of one hundred dollars. The female then grabs her receipt, takes the cash, folds the receipt around it, and places it in her purse. Without any attempt to find the owner or notify an employee.

The female leaves the store, enters her vehicle and leaves the parking lot in a dark blue Subaru Forester, with an unknown tag number.

The video footage was placed into evidence at the Crossville Police Department.

The amount stolen was 5, $20 bills equaling to a total of $100.

The police report had two receipts attached to it. The first receipt belongs to the victim showing her purchases and the $100 withdrawal as well. The second is the suspect’s receipt, showing her purchases and no cash withdrawal at the end.

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