WREG-TV, MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton is seeking the removal of Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy, calling his decision to offer diversion to felons possessing firearms a serious misjudgment.

“His actions will make Memphis even more unsafe and is another step in kowtowing to criminals. He is doing everything he can to keep criminals on the street instead of behind bars. I plan on continuing my discussions with the AG to seek remedies like removal from office and other viable options to keep Memphis and our communities safe,” Speaker Sexton posted to X.

This week, Mulroy rolled out a new diversion program for some defendants charged with unlawfully possessing a weapon.

The DA says his diversion program is only for defendants who do not have violent criminal records, and their charges involving gun possession are non-violent.

But, the program is being met with opposition. In a text sent to WREG, Senator Brent Taylor of Memphis calls the plan a “misguided attempt to appease Restorative Justice Schemers.” 

“In a city plagued by gun violence, the thought that our D.A. will not aggressively prosecute felons in possession of a firearm is not only nonsensical, but it is dangerous,” said Taylor.

Sexton also took to X after Mulroy announced the program.

“Everything I’ve said about @SteveMulroy901 is true! He’s soft on criminals – he makes Memphis unsafe! He pushes a dangerous ideology & agenda. He wants gun control on law-abiding citizens – but is good with felons possessing firearms. DA Mulroy kowtowing to criminals once again!”

Mulroy says programs tried in the past decade only saw violent crime steadily rising, but he says we are now focused on what needs to be done to address the problem.

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