Vehicle accidents continue in a dangerous curve on Northside Drive at South Drive in Crossville. The curve is west of the Northside Drive/North Main Street intersection.

The curve has been the scene of numerous accidents, especially in the past few years.

Police officers responded there yesterday morning around 6 a.m. to a single-vehicle crash.

The accident report states a Chevy Impala driven by 24-year-old Tyanah Crowley of Oak Ridge lost control in the curve. The vehicle left the road and struck a small embankment. Crowley was not hurt in the impact.

Five hours later, a crash involved a fully loaded Acme Block and Brick flatbed truck and a Kia Forte. Authorities confirmed at least one injury in this accident.

So why is this curve the site of so many vehicle crashes?

The answer is there are several reasons.

Authorities say speed is one factor.

Another factor is the increased traffic on the road from the closing of a bridge on Sparta Highway in Crossville. Officials established Northside Drive as a detour around the construction site. Large vehicles and tractor-trailer drivers use Northside Drive as a detour. Sometimes, large profile vehicles create a narrow path for motorists in the curve.

Authorities say distracted driving is a third factor.

A fourth factor is weather conditions. Law enforcement says wet or wintery road conditions significantly increase the chances of a crash in the curve. South Drive would be extended barely to the north to connect with the new Northside Drive.

Officials are considering taking out the curve when Northside Drive is expanded to complete the Northwest Connector. The question is when this expansion will take place.

In the meantime, drivers should use caution when approaching this curve.