Late yesterday, 1057 News learned the partial government shutdown has touched close to home. The Avalon Center, which receives federal grant monies, has been affected by the shutdown in that access to funding has been cut off.

The domestic-violence and sexual-assault crisis center’s leadership team advised its 22 employees that, effective immediately, because of the shutdown, the center’s services will be severely curtailed; further, staff cannot be paid for their work.

The facility’s collaborators and clients in their seven-county service area have likewise been informed of the cutback in services.

A statement released by Avalon Center said in part, “At this time, we are committed to providing the most critical services for survivors: operating our 24-hour crisis line and staffing our emergency shelter, which is currently almost at capacity. We will continue to keep these essential programs up and running as long as we possibly can or until this shutdown is over.”

The statement went on to say the Center needs the support of people in the communities it serves – whether that support is in the form of letters to Congress explaining the impact the shutdown has on this vital service, donations to the shelter or the Second Chance thrift store, and monetary contributions. To donate money, click the link below.