Fox News reports President Biden invoked former President Donald Trump, his 2024 opponent, multiple times during his State of the Union address last night.

Biden did not mention Trump by name, but instead, referred to him multiple times throughout the speech as his “predecessor.”

First, Biden invoked Trump related to Russia’s war with Ukraine.

“My predecessor, a former Republican president, tells Putin, ‘Do whatever the hell you want,'” said Biden.  “A former American president said that, bowing down to a Russian leader.”

“My message to President Putin is simple,” Biden said, as he urged for more U.S. funding for Ukraine. “We will not walk away. We will not bow down. I will not bow down.”

Next, Biden invoked Trump related to January 6, 2021.

“My predecessor and some of you here seek to bury the truth of January 6th,” he said. “I will not do that. This is a moment to speak the truth and bury the lies.”

He added: “And here’s the simplest truth. You can’t love your country only when you win.”

Biden went on to demand lawmakers and Americans “join together and defend our democracy.”

“Remember your oath of office to defend against all threats foreign and domestic,” he said.

Biden, in a swipe at Trump, added: “Respect free and fair elections; restore trust in our institutions; and make clear that political violence has absolutely no place in America.”

Then, Biden invoked Trump related to Roe v. Wade and female reproductive rights, claiming that Trump claims victory over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark abortion law.

“Many of you in this chamber and my predecessor are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom,” Biden said. “My God, what freedoms will you take away next?”

He also mentioned “his predecessor” related to mental health, made claims that Trump “failed to buy American” and more.

Later, on immigration, Biden pointed to the border bill that Republicans have opposed in recent weeks.

“I’m told my predecessor called Republicans in the Senate and demanded they block the bill. He feels it would be a political win for me and a political loser for him,” Biden said. “It’s not about him or me.  It’d be a winner for America!”

Biden then gave a direct message to Trump: “If my predecessor is watching instead of playing politics and pressuring members of Congress to block this bill, join me in telling Congress to pass it!”

“We can do it together,” Biden said, but then said he “will not demonize immigrants and say they ‘poison the blood of our country.'”

“I will not separate families. I will not ban people from America because of their faith,” Biden said, in an apparent swipe at Trump’s immigration policies.

“Unlike my predecessor, on my first day in office I introduced a comprehensive plan to fix our immigration system, secure the border, and provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and so much more,” Biden said.

But Trump and Republicans have touted border security during the last administration as the safest in U.S. history.

Biden also invoked Trump on the issue of guns in America and on China.

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