A couple from Alabama driving home from celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in Florida helped pull a couple of drivers out of their cars following a fiery wreck over the weekend.

Fox News reports the Caldwells were returning to Geneva, Alabama, on Saturday night after spending time in Destin, Florida, when a car sped past them and ended up in a crash involving another vehicle on County Highway 185.

The couple observed a car’s headlights through their rearview mirror before it sped past them and out of their sight.

“What felt like seconds later, the couple came upon the wreckage of what appeared to be a head-on collision. Smoke began billowing from one of the vehicles involved.

Mr. Cardwell told his wife to call 911, and he immediately recognized the car on fire was the one that passed them moments earlier.

“No matter. This person, whoever they were, was in danger,” the sheriff’s office said. “As quickly as he passed them in the night, Mr. Cardwell pulled the driver from the car as it was engulfing in flames before running to help the second driver who was pinned in their vehicle.”

Deputies and fire crews arrived at the scene a short time later and freed the second driver.

“In our eyes, Mr. and Mrs. Cardwell are heroes. Had they not stopped and helped, the driver may have died in those flames,” the sheriff’s office added. “May this be a reminder to all of us, to remember how precious life is. To slow down. Don’t take it for granted. It can end in an instant.”

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