On December 21st, an investigator was alerted by store personnel at Rural King for shoplifting. The investigator noticed Nicole Marie Maclellan not really shopping but rather watching other people. She was outside of the dressing rooms.

The investigator verified that Maclellan had two warrants and approached her and told her she was under arrest. While being put in handcuffs, she yelled, “Mikey, I’m going to jail!” The dressing room door opened up and Paul Michael Lenz peered out.

The investigator noted that the man was wearing so many layers of clothes, that he appeared to be twice his normal size.  He could see store tags on the clothes sticking out. Lenz also had active warrants. According to the police report, Lenz “made a waddling dash and exited the store.”

After notifying dispatch of Lenz’s departure, the investigator had Maclellan under arrest and noticed that her clothes were bulging and ill fitting. According to the police report, she admitted to having stolen merchandise. She recovered some items and handed them to the investigator and had to change in the dressing room to take off a layer of pants that she had concealed under her original pants.

Crossville Police did a search of the area looking for Mr. Lenz. They did recover some of the stolen clothes across Elmore Road, by Clayton Homes. Some items were also recovered in the Rural King parking lot. Mr. Lenz did elude this capture date. One of the items police were unable to find was a coat valued at $150.

The couple was originally banned from Rural King back on 11/09/22.

Ms. Maclellan was taken to jail. There now more warrants to be served to Mr. Lenz.