Officers responded to a theft report off Peavine in Cumberland County on Saturday. A couple told deputies they hired a local moving company to help them move across town on Wednesday, December 14th, and believes they stole jewelry and other items from them.  The woman couldn’t remember all the names of those who had helped her move, but she did remember mostly dealing with a man named “John”. The woman alleged that while workers were helping her move, one male would talk to her and keep her occupied while the other two packed her belongings. That’s when she believed they stole her jewelry.

The woman noticed that the jewelry was missing when she went to unpack. According to the police report, the woman says they were heirlooms from her grandmother. She stated she was missing two charm bracelets -one with the initials “CLS” engraved with charms for cheerleading, volleyball, and softball. The other had initials of M and G. Both were valued at $250 apiece. Three rings were missing valued over $12,500.

The man is missing miscellaneous tools, those that he plans to report when he remembers all of them that seem to be missing.

It is unknown if the woman tried reaching out to the moving company to inquire about the missing jewelry.