Crossville, TN- City officers were called to a gas station off West Ave Thursday evening in reference to a disorderly subject in the store who had pulled his pants down. When officers arrived, the manager of the store advised him that the male was beside the dining tables in the back of the store.

Officers recognized the subject as Frank Quince, age 51 from previous encounters. The same officer had given Mr. Quince a verbal warning earlier that night in reference to him stopping traffic at the intersection next to the gas station. He was allegedly waving and yelling at vehicles passing on the roadway. He had also got banned from Food City due to his behavior that day.

When the officers approached Mr. Quince at the dining tables in the gas station, he was attempting to buckle his pants. Officers noticed something on the table and when they asked if he had defecated on the table, he replied that he did because someone had given him a laxative. When he was asked why he didn’t go to the restroom, Mr. Quince replied that he “was looking for diamonds”.

After being transported to intake, Mr. Quince was found to be in possession of several stolen bank cards. When asked where he got the cards from, he replied that he had found them.

Frank Quince is being charged with Disorderly Conduct and Theft of Property.