A few roads in Cumberland County are still giving the road department fits in the wake of last week’s flooding. 1057 News spoke with Road Superintendent Scott Blaylock this morning, who said his road crews have been working diligently to get county roadways open to traffic again. On Old Highway 28, crews are “probably a day away” from having the mudslide cleaned up and having both lanes re-opened to traffic. “Not that the traffic hasn’t been moving – they’ve been moving our barricades,” he noted.

There have been a few small road washouts, and other miscellaneous issues – but nothing major. However, a few roads in Grassy Cove are also still inaccessible. “We can’t get in to assess the damage ’til the water goes down,” he said. “That’s the only roads that have major issues.”

A few other roads in the county have experienced minor issues, he said, and they’ve had to replace some collapsed cross drains. Blaylock said they’re scheduled to replace one today on Highland Road in Grandview.

“We’ve gained a lot of good ground on ’em,” he added, “and we’re hoping by the end of this week we’ll be all set.”