The Cumberland County Sheriff’s office, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Tennessee State Police have been continuing their investigation into the murder of 74-year-old Linda Damewood. 1057 News spoke with Sheriff Casey Cox Monday afternoon about the investigation. Cox said the incident was not random, and the investigators believe the home at 8610 Cherokee Trail was definitely targeted. He emphasized ensuring the safety of the community at large was a primary concern that night.

“It’s a very tense scene when you’ve got three people who’ve been [shooting] victims,” he said. Cox called the triple shooting “a rarity” but would not comment on the nature of the altercation, nor whether drugs were a factor.

Cox praised the organizations’ collaborative efforts for their investigative work. “Lake Tansi responded. The sheriff’s office and Tennessee Highway Patrol responded immediately, secured the scene,” Cox said, ticking off responding law-enforcement agencies on his fingers.

When questioned about the District Attorney General’s office involvement at the outset, Cox said it’s helpful to have the office on board right at the start of the investigation. “We have a District Attorney’s office that’s proactive enough that they want to be involved from the beginning,” he explained. “The law enforcement and legal approach makes our case stronger.

“That teamwork approach works,” Cox continued. Then he motioned toward the next office over from his, where the investigators were working at following up on leads. “They’re kickin’ it over there, and I’m proud to be a part of ’em.”