The Graceland foreclosure case has taken another turn into the absurd.

In an email, Gregory Naussany, a representative claiming to be from Naussany Investments and Private Lending, has said the firm is dropping the case. However, the Shelby County Chancery Clerk’s office confirmed it has not received any correspondence from Naussany Investments since the court proceeding ended Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Chancellor JoeDae Jenkins issued a ruling regarding the Graceland estate, blocking its foreclosure sale. At the beginning of Wednesday’s hearing, Chancellor Jenkins said the court had received a request from Gregory Naussany of Jacksonville, Florida, to delay the injunction hearing.

In the email statement riddled with grammatical errors, Gregory Naussany said:

“Due to the Deed of Trust not being recorded and the loan being obtained in different state, legal action would have to be filed in multiple states and NAUSSANY Investments & Private Lending will not acquire to proceed. That comes from consultation of the lawyers for the company. There was no harm meant on Ms. Keough for her mothers LMP mis habits and mis managing of money. The company will be withdrawing all claims with prejudice.”

In a follow-up email, Gregory Naussany said that Kurt Naussany is not affiliated with Naussany Investments and Private Lending and has not been since 2015. The full email reads as follows:

“Please make it NOTED ASAP Kurt NAUSSANY is not affiliated with NAUSSANY Investments & Private Lending and has not been since 2015 nor does he have any claims with this situation.

I’m the lender in this case, and I will let it be known that LMP has taken out multiple loans with my firm since 2008. It’s not Keough fault for her mothers mis conduct of mishandling money and not paying her obligations.

Thank you

And no need to contact any further!!!!”

The aforementioned “LMP” presumably refers to Lisa Marie Presley. In the foreclosure case, Naussany alleges Lisa Marie Presley took out a $450,000 loan in August 2015 with the company, which rose to $3.8 million in unpaid debt and led to the foreclosure listing.

When The Commercial Appeal reached out to Kurt Naussany for comment regarding Wednesday morning’s hearing, it did so with the email mentioned in the lawsuit. In response, the presumed Kurt Naussany forwarded The Commercial Appeal Gregory Naussany’s email address which differed and was a Hotmail account. A third Naussany Investments email associated with the company is also different and mentioned in the initial countersuit filed by Riley Keough, who inherited the Graceland estate after her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, died in January 2023.

Memphis-based law firm Morton and Germany is representing Keough and the Promenade Trust. Jeff Germany of Morton and Germany could not be reached for comment.

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