A six-week-old baby died in Knoxville Thursday after the family dog attacked the newborn while he was asleep in his crib.

Chloe Mansoor, Ezra’s mother said “Being his mom was the biggest honor and the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Six-week-old Ezra made Chloe and Mark Mansoor first-time parents.  It’s what they’ve always wanted.

They loved and cared for their son every day with two dogs in the house, with no history of aggression. They never imagined there would be a fear for their child’s safety.

While Ezra was taking a nap in his crib, the family’s husky that they owned for 8 years, out of nowhere attacked the baby.

Chloe Mansoor, Ezra’s mother said “And to just bring awareness that it could be any dog at any time. Completely unprovoked, no matter what the history is.”

In the midst of tragedy, this family hopes others can take a closer look at how to keep their children safe – as they now think back to every precious moment they had with their son.

“Really don’t take anything for granted even if it’s a moment you’re annoyed in the moment or frustrated in. All of those little moments are still so amazing,” said Chloe Mansoor.

This family decided to help other families through organ donation.

As they process this tragedy, they say working to save the lives of others has given them much-needed peace in a time of grieving.

Chloe Mansoor said “Pray for all the family really, everyone loved him so much. I know everyone’s grieving right now, we’re grieving right now, and it’s going to be a lifelong process trying to work through this.”

The family dog responsible for the attack was taken to a local animal center.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office, per standard protocol, is investigating this case.

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