On Thursday morning, a man came into the Crossville Police Department to make a report regarding a scam.

According to the victim, he was contacted by Elite Sports to participate in a sponsorship for Stone Memorial High School shirts.  After discussing it with the board at his church, they decided to spend $710 on school shirts. The man stated he received multiple phone calls and placed an order using a debit card. He continued to receive emails and phone calls from the company claiming to be Elite Sports. The phone calls he received were all from Texas numbers but different numbers each time.

The name associated with the emails was displayed as “Jesse” which also stated he was the Stone Memorial Coordinator. When the victim called the high school and spoke with the principal, they informed him that they were not selling shirts and he was scammed.

Another scam targeted Stone Memorial supporters by reaching out to several local businesses soliciting on behalf of SMHS Basketball for sponsorships. The school stated that whoever is contacting these potential sponsors is not affiliated with the high school and to not give them funds. They will not ask for any credit card information over the phone. They went on to say that if you have any questions, please call the school or reach out to their Athletic Director.