NASHVILLE, TN– The 113th Tennessee General Assembly convened at noon yesterday. The session is scheduled to adjourn on May 6, 2023, if all goes as planned. Tennessee has a Republican trifecta with the Republican Party controlling the office of the Governor and both chambers of the state legislature.
As the Tennessee General Assembly prepares to reconvene after the holidays, legislators have already introduced bills that will be discussed in the upcoming session. Here are some of the bills that have been filed by members of the General Assembly:

Senate Bills
One that would prohibit a healthcare provider from performing on a minor, or administering to a minor a medical procedure if the performance or administration of the procedure is for the purpose of enabling a minor to identify with, or live as a purported identity inconsistent with the minor’s sex.

SB0009 – States that medical records, law enforcement investigative reports, 911 call recordings, photographs, and any other recordings related to a death are not public records if the investigating law enforcement agency determines that the death was not the result of a crime; makes confidential any body camera footage that includes the interior of a private residence recorded due to investigation of a death, which the law enforcement agency determined not to be the result of a crime.

SB0010 – Requires a person to obtain an enhanced or concealed handgun permit to carry a handgun in certain counties.

HB0003 – Expands the offenses of assault against a first responder or nurse and aggravated assault against a first responder or nurse to apply to assaults committed against all healthcare professionals.

Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson filed legislation Tuesday that would ban some drag performances in public and or in front of children. If passed, it would charge repeat offenders with a felony.

Again, these are some of the proposed new laws being considered.


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