Motorists traveling on I-40 in Roane County need to be aware of a potentially dangerous situation.

Patty McNabb was in her vehicle on I-40 when she approached an overpass near the Rockwood/Harriman exit (Exit 347). Then an object was supposedly thrown off the overpass and busted the sunroof on her vehicle.

McNabb had the sunroof closed at the time of the incident and after contacting the sunroof, the object flew off the car.

Please pay attention to the overpass. I just don’t want anything to happen to anyone else. I can only praise God for my protection. No doubt He was looking out for me,” said McNabb.

The timing of this event, even by a second, could have meant more damage and possible injuries to McNabb. She was not hurt in this incident.

According to authorities, another incident was documented where a tractor-trailer sustained damage after an object was thrown leaving a basketball size hole in the rig.

If you travel in this specific area, the Tennessee Highway Patrol says if you see someone acting suspicious on the overpass to call 911.