Representative Gloria Johnson is an American politician and Democratic member of the Tennessee House of Representatives currently representing District 90, based in Knoxville. Rep. Johnson, also known as a member of the “Tennessee Three”, announced today that she is running for the United States Senate.

Rep. Johnson is launching her campaign to gain the Democratic Party’s nomination to run against Marsha Blackburn, who was elected to the Senate in 2019.

Rep. Johnson is one of the “Tennessee Three” who were found to be disrupting the general session and faced expulsion. However, lawmakers only voted for Jones and Pearson to be expelled from their seats, not Johnson.

“Tennessee deserves a Senator who will fight for working families, not special interest donors and D.C. politicians.” Rep. Gloria Johnson’s media release

Senator Blackburn’s team responded to the announcement on Tuesday morning: “State Rep. Johnson is as woke as they come, and she would be a puppet for Joe Biden, the Squad, and Chuck Schumer in the Senate. While Senator Blackburn is working hard to fight back against Biden’s woke agenda, State Rep. Johnson is pushing that divisive, destructive agenda here in Tennessee.”