Crews resumed their search today for six people missing and presumed dead in the wake of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

The bridge came down yesterday after a support column was hit by a large container ship that had lost power. It resulted in people and vehicles dropping into the Patapsco River.

Officials say based on the water temperature and the length of time of the search so far, they do not believe any of the six will be found alive.

Two people were rescued from the water shortly after the collapse. One was unhurt, and the other was treated at the University of Maryland Medical Center and has been discharged.

All eight were part of a construction crew filling potholes on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

The Coast Guard is leading the recovery mission at the Key Bridge site.

Recovery conditions are dangerous for divers and first responders. They are dealing with changing currents, low visibility, and sharp metal objects from the debris of the bridge.

Ongoing rain will further complicate the search today, with the weather expected to intensify through the day.

An unclassified memo said the ship reported losing propulsion as it was leaving Baltimore Harbor and notified the Maryland Department of Transportation that a collision with the bridge was possible as they had lost control of the vessel.

Roughly two minutes elapsed between when the ship’s pilot notified authorities of an issue on board and when the bridge collapsed.

The call allowed the authorities to order a mayday and stop traffic onto the bridge, an action Mayor Brandon Scott said saved many lives and allowed emergency personnel to get to the scene quickly.

Photo courtesy of Fox News