Last week’s winter storm has created an abundance of potholes along interstates and state routes. TDOT is launching a statewide effort using all available resources to repair the damaged areas as quickly as possible.

During the prolonged weather event, TDOT crews worked around the clock for several days clearing state routes and assisting motorists.

  • 105,500 Staff Hours
  • 88,500 Tons of Salt
  • 1,500,000 Tons of Brine
  • 884,200 Miles Driven
  • 1,902 Incidents Managed, Motorists Helped
  • 892 Vehicles

These preliminary numbers are expected to increase slightly at the final count

Multiple crews will be patching potholes over the coming days and weeks. Cold mix asphalt is currently being used for repairs. More permanent repairs will be made in spring and early summer when asphalt plants are producing hot mix.

In some cases, motorists should be prepared for short-term traffic delays during these pothole repair operations. While every effort will be made to perform repairs during off-peak travel times (9 a.m. until 3 p.m. weekdays), some lane closures may extend into the late afternoon, evening, and weekends. TDOT asks drivers to be patient and to watch out for road crews on interstates and state highways.

Please note – inclement weather, emergency repairs or incidents may disrupt daily schedules. TDOT does not count potholes, keep a tally of how many potholes have been repaired or the cost of repairs per pothole. These repairs are part of normal highway maintenance operations. Drivers can report potholes by calling the TDOTFIX Hotline at 833-TDOTFIX or by submitting an online maintenance request form.

Keep in mind, that this is for state roadways only. County roads are maintained by the county road department.