Former President Donald Trump condemned the violent anti-Israel protests erupting on college campuses overnight, telling Fox News Digital that “weak and ineffective leadership” at universities must be immediately “replaced,” while declaring that antisemitism “must be stopped quickly and effectively.

The former president and presumptive Republican presidential nominee was reacting to chaos on college campuses across the nation from UCLA to Tulane University to Columbia University to the University of Arizona and beyond.

Pro-Palestinian agitators clashed with pro-Israel students on UCLA’s campus overnight, with local officials warning students that the campus was “out of control” and “no longer safe.”

Police with riot gear arrived at UCLA shortly after 1 a.m. at UCLA to gain control of campus amid hours of violence between anti-Israel and pro-Israel counter protesters.

“This violence has to stop immediately,” Trump told Fox News Digital early Wednesday morning. “Weak and ineffective leadership at colleges and universities must be replaced, and fast.”

“Antisemitism cannot be allowed to fester,” Trump said. “It must be stopped quickly and effectively.”

Students have been arrested at Columbia University, City College of New York, Tulane University, the University of Arizona and more. Police dispersed gas, fired rubber bullets and clashed with demonstrators at the Arizona encampment. State troopers were seen on campus with pepper ball guns and gas masks.

Violence broke out at an anti-Israel demonstration at UCLA overnight, including fights, items thrown and pepper spray being deployed.

A demonstrator shot off a can of pepper spray and objects were thrown during the protest. A police expert told the outlet that “professional agitators” appeared to be on the scene. Fireworks were also among the items thrown during the protest.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass called the violence on UCLA’s campus “absolutely abhorrent and inexcusable.”

In New York, beyond arrests, NYPD officers restored the American flag on the City College of New York campus after it was replaced with a Palestinian flag by anti-Israel agitators during a protest.

Photo courtesy of Fox News


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