On December 22, Officers were dispatched to First National Bank of Tennessee off Peavine Road in Cumberland County for two individuals attempting to cash fraudulent checks.

When officers made contact with the two individuals, Alvin Caffey, of Knoxville, said he was attempting to cash a check whereas the other male, Darrien Bowles, from Atlanta stated he was attempting to withdraw cash from inside the bank. Authorities began to investigate.

When questioning Darrien, he stated that the two men were not together and both men claimed to have been dropped off by separate friends and were waiting to be picked up. After going into the bank with the officers, authorities asked Darrien again if he had a check which he was trying to cash. According to the police report, he stated that he did have a check but ripped it up and threw it in the garbage can. When asking Darrien if he had any weapons on his person, he retrieved a knife from inside his waste band and suffered a self-inflicted laceration to his left hand. When placing him into custody, officers noticed a crumpled piece of paper that ended up being the check Darrien said he threw away. Darrien alleged he actually threw the check to the other side of the patrol car.

Alvin Caffey, age 61 and Darrien Bowles, age 38 were both charged with criminal simulation.