Early Sunday morning, a Clear Creek Road woman awakened to find a man she did not know at her bedside, asking for help. She said he claimed to have wrecked his car. The woman told him to leave, whereupon he ran outside. The homeowner stated her front door had been locked with a deadbolt.

Upon their arrival, deputies found 24-year-old Nathan Kenneth Sherrill of Pikeville standing by a car slammed into the fence. He also had a female passenger in the vehicle. Sherrill appeared unsteady on his feet and could not complete a sentence or respond to the deputies’ questions. Sherrill told deputies he’d knocked at the front door several times and then went inside.

Sherrill consented to a weapons search and stated he had a knife. During a patdown, Sherrill became verbally abusive and belligerent, so deputies cuffed him and put him into the back of a cruiser.

When deputies spoke with the girlfriend, she said she’d gotten a call from Sherrill to pick him up on Wallop Lane. She said he directed her to pull into the driveway at the Clear Creek Road home to turn around. She said when they pulled into the driveway, Sherrill exited the vehicle, went to the door and went inside. He then reportedly returned to the car, attempted to turn around and slid into the fence, whereupon he became angry and began punching the dashboard. She said he went toward the home to retrieve concrete sidewalk pavers to place beneath the tires to try to get the car unstuck.

Upon returning to his patrol vehicle and opening the rear door, the deputy noticed Sherrill, still handcuffed, with a crystalline substance behind his back and all over the seat, which he was apparently attempting to hide and/or destroy. Sherrill stated it was salt from his noodles. The substance field tested positive for meth. The deputy advised Sherrill of the charge of destroying evidence, to which Sherrill is reported to have responded, “I’ve done it before. It will be dropped.”

The deputy managed to gather approximately 1 gram of the meth off the back seat, with additional residue left on the seat. Sherrill was taken to Cumberland County jail and charged with felony manufacture, sale, delivery or possession of meth, felony tampering with evidence, aggravated burglary and vandalism. A bond amount was not immediately available. Sherrill is due in court January 24.

The deputy spoke with the homeowner later in the day; she reported her front screen door was broken and the screen was ripped off. The front window was broken and the lock busted off, which she believes is how Sherrill gained entry to her home. She claims he also went through all the rooms in her home. Her yard and fence were destroyed, and multiple sidewalk pavers were either missing or destroyed. She is seeking restitution for the damage to her home.