On January 25th, Cumberland County deputies were dispatched for a woman pointing a gun at the residents of a home. When the deputies arrived, the female subject accused of pointing the gun, Alyssa Thompson, had left.

Jordan Colvin had received a call earlier that his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa was making threats to harm his wife, Elizabeth Colvin. Jordan told deputies that after he got the phone call, he and his wife left the residence to prevent Alyssa from locating or trying to hurt Elizabeth. Jordan said that Alyssa had found out where the couple was located and when they left, she started to follow them. When they arrived at another residence, Jordan, Elizabeth, and his friend approached Alyssa and told her to leave them alone. Jordan told deputies that’s when Alyssa rolled down the window, racked a gun, and pointed it at Jordan’s friend, then Elizabeth. Thats when they called the cops and Alyssa left.

Crossville city police located Alyssa in her car where they found a Ruger 9mm under the driver’s seat. A magazine for the same gun was located between the driver’s seat and center console. It was reported to have six live rounds in the magazine.

When deputies spoke with Alyssa, she alleged that Lisa, Jordan’s mom, told her to come over and that she was there during the incident. She told deputies she did not point the gun at anyone, that she had only pointed it at the roof of the car. She also stated that she didn’t have the magazine in the gun, she was just letting them know that she had a gun in the car.

Deputies spoke with Lisa who stated she did not tell Alyssa to come over and did not witness the incident.

With evidence and statements given, 34-year-old Alyssa Thompson was taken into custody and charged with Aggravated Assault.



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