Work to improve the look of an A-4F Skyhawk II Blue Angel plane displayed in front of Cumberland County High School is near completion.

The new paintwork is complete. Crews are awaiting official decals to place on the aircraft. Once applied, the plane will get a clear coat to protect the renovation work.

Officials say Crossville TCAT worked on the project.

Cumberland County High School alumni Curt Watson was instrumental in bringing the Blue Angel plane to the school.

In 1952, Douglas designer Ed Heinemann proposed the Navy’s newest attack plane be smaller, lighter, and faster than others. Starting in 1956, the Skyhawk flew with Navy and Marine units, including flying combat missions during the Vietnam War. The Skyhawk had one of the longest production runs of any American combat aircraft, with 2,960 built over 26 years. It would later be part of the iconic planes of the Blue Angels in the 1980s.

Photos of the renovation of the plane by Jon Hall

The following is a picture of the Blue Angel taken several years ago by 3B Media News: