On May 1st, 2024, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Hassler received a name and number from dispatch about a stolen vehicle from Sparta Highway. Upon making contact with Mrs. Anita Page, she stated she wanted to report her son Jonathan Page’s truck had been stolen. Mrs. Page stated she had last seen the truck parked in the driveway on April 30th, 2024, the day before around 18:00. The truck in question is a 2023 Chevy 2500hd crew cab silver in color. Mrs. Page stated she had contacted her son to ask if he had let anyone borrow the vehicle and Jonathan stated that he had not. Deputy Hassler then made contact with Jonathan and asked if he knew of anyone who may have access to the vehicle. Jonathan stated that he had not given anyone permission to take the vehicle and that the keys were in his house on the dresser.

Deputy Hassler asked Jonathan if the vehicle was equipped with OnStar, and he stated that the vehicle did have OnStar and the service was active.  I contacted OnStar’s stolen department and asked if they would assist in locating the vehicle. OnStar put an ignition lock on the vehicle so that the vehicle could not be moved till I could determine if the truck was stolen. OnStar said the vehicle was showing at 112 Bright Hill St, Gills towing. When I made contact with the tow yard, they stated that they towed the vehicle to the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office for a DUI stop. Deputy Hassler contacted Dekalb County to see if he could get the name of the subject that was arrested. They informed him that the subject’s name was a Skylar Fox, and the deputy would have to call back the next day to speak with her, the call had to be approved by their administrator.

Deputy Hassler contacted Jonathan and asked if he had given Skylar Fox permission to drive his vehicle. Jonathan stated that no one had permission to be driving the vehicle and he had never heard of a Skylar Fox. Deputy Hassler contacted Mrs. Page and told her they had located the truck, and they could go retrieve it at their convenience. Deputy Hassler then made contact with Ms. Fox, she was adamant that she had spoken with Jonathan and did not want to talk to me about what happened. Deputy Hassler gave her Jonathan’s phone number so that she could contact him.

Deputy Hassler contacted Jonathan once again and he identified the subject to be a Shadayda Farris. Jonathan stated she admitted to entering the house getting the keys off the dresser in his bedroom and taking the vehicle. Deputy Hassler then contacted the Sheriff’s Office and asked intake to fax Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office a face sheet so that the suspect could be identified. Deputy Hassler then contacted Dekalb County and the jail Administrator informed him that the suspect was indeed Shadayda Farris. Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office indicated they would be charging her with impersonation along with the DUI and introduction.

Deputy Partridge Wrote warrants on Shadayda Farris in Cumberland County for Theft over $60,000 dollars and Aggravated Burglary. A hold was then placed on Shadayda Farris for Cumberland County.


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