The Harriman City Council met Tuesday night in regular session where the City Manager, Scott Mason, mentioned the tragedy at the Rockwood Brillo Miller Sports Complex which took the life of a Rockwood resident Pam Simpson and injured her son, Cody Simpson. The incident occurred last Saturday during the games that were played after opening ceremonies when a piece of roof from a dugout struck the two. A memorial has started at the gate of the sports complex where flowers are now being placed honoring the Simpsons.

Scott Mason also said that he and the Parks and Rec Director, Charlie Jones, decided to place an -R- on the back of their City League baseball and softball caps to honor the lives lost during the Rockwood incident. He also stated they will be having their sports facilities inspected to make sure that nothing of this sort could happen in Harriman.  He said The City sends its condolences to the City of Rockwood during this time of tragedy.

During the meeting, the council also approved for members Donald Cook, Justin Johnson, Jared Underwood, and Nicole Darby to serve on the newly organized Safety Committee.

Also discussed and approved was the paving bid from the Rogers Group for $574,210.00 for street resurfacing.