After debating for about two hours during the Roane County Commission meeting Monday night, it has been settled that the estimated $900,000 be sent to the general fund to support raises for the Roane County Sheriff’s Department.

The $900,000 of interest was received on APR funding and was originally supposed to be used for The Debt Service Fund.

All of this came about rather quickly due to the fact that Sheriff Jack Stockton says he has been short-staffed by at least nine road deputies over the past several months and even jail staff, as some of their employees have sought other employment elsewhere to get better pay. He suggested that the County Executive move forward with putting a resolution on the table to see if the commission would support the raises.  Monday night they did, but only by an 8 to 6 vote. Some commissioners were for the raises to be implemented immediately but someone wanted to wait until the full budget could be ready for passage in late June. However, even after several amendments and even a chance to defer the resolutions failed twice, the motion was to go ahead and appropriate the raises for Sheriff’s Department Personnel.

  • Sheriff’s Department Deputies will receive an increase of some 14% in salaries up to $51,000 up from their current salary of $47,000 with also an increase in the insurance benefits package.
  • Patrol sergeants will receive $53,000, which is an increase of a little over 19% raise.
  • for the sheriff’s lieutenants making $49,000 currently, their salary will increase to $59,000 annually.
  • for the sheriff’s department captains making currently $57,200 will now see an increase of some 22% up to $70,000 annually.
  • Patrol Corporals, currently making $46,000, will go up to $53,000, an increase of 15%.
  • Also, the administration, warrant staff, jailers, and front desk staff will also see an increase in their salaries as well.

The commission also approved health insurance coverage for the employees and their families. Currently, the Roane County government has 247 employees that have to be paid out of the tax base of the county revenues.

One final note, the Roane Sheriff’s Department is not alone in this endeavor as neighboring agencies have seen the same impact on their officers as they move on to get better pay elsewhere.